WAAM Talk 1600

Michael Singleton, DDS

We are eagerly looking for new scholarship contestants! High school athletes can share their stories related to the intersection of athlete mental health, adversity or trauma, and be automatically entered to win an award and grant. Just reach out today! Click HERE.

“Our mission is to empower the youth athletic community to promote mental well-being and suicide prevention across Washtenaw County.  We believe partnerships with teens, families, teachers, coaches, healthcare providers, spiritual leaders, and community organizers all contribute to building positive social and emotional well-being in todays youth”

MJRF was born out of the love for our son Miles who died by suicide at the age of 15  in 2017.   Miles was an athlete working to balance the demands of school, family, athletics, friends, social media and more.  His feeling of elation before, during and after participating in sports was contagious.   The positive mental influence sports had on Miles fueled the connections with his coaches and teammates and nourished his mental wellness. We look to help others like Miles thrive and build a safety net of trusted support through their athletic interactions.

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