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WAAM is foreground radio.

Unlike music stations, talk radio commands attention. Talk radio listeners are not just button-pushers who keep pushing buttons to hear a song they like. They are LISTENING to WAAM closely.

Silhouette holding a sign

WAAM is the best environment for an advertising message.

Because talk radio is the spoken word, commercials do not interrupt programming the way they stop music radio. In music radio, the most common point of tune-out is when a commercial begins, but WAAM listeners regard commercials as informative.

Multiple silhouettes

WAAM is a community resource.

Because listeners use it for news, weather, traffic reports, sports scores, and business news, Ann Arbor and southeast Michigan listeners find talk radio informative. They BELIEVE what they hear on WAAM.

Silhouette with microphone

WAAM listeners are more involved.

Because they are paying attention, and bonding with nationally famous on-air personalities, they are more likely to respond to advertising messages on WAAM.

Silhouettes of a man and woman

WAAM effectively targets both men and women in the affluent 25-54 and 35-64 demographics.

With a higher proportion of homeowners, more disposable income, and higher education profiles, WAAM listeners are the perfect target for your company's advertising message.

3 Effective Ways to Advertise

✓  On Air       Be heard on radio throughout southeast Michigan
✓  Online      Your ad streams online plus your logo on our site
✓  In Print   Be featured in The Courant newspaper


Our Partner advertising packages include all three!

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