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Michigan Climate Smart Farm Project

Greetings from the Michigan Climate Smart Farm team! Over the next five years, we’ll be focusing our efforts on small, diverse, and underserved farms in Washtenaw, Lenawee, Monroe, and Wayne counties. We’re still in the discovery phase, with more questions than answers, but we’re making strides every day. Your input is invaluable as we shape the future of farming in Michigan and there are several ways for you to get involved:

  • We’re on the lookout for Michigan farmers of all sizes and backgrounds to participate in one-hour interviews discussing the impact of a “climate-smart” brand. Compensation: $150 stipend.
  • Calling all food industry leaders, buyers, and marketers! Join our one-hour focus group to explore the implications of “climate-smart” branded products. Compensation: $150 stipend.
  • Are you a small, diverse, underserved, or under-resourced farmer in the targeted counties? Get involved in on-farm research, including implementing conservation practices, soil sampling, record sharing, and continuous conversation while we develop together. Compensation is a generous, potentially up to $5k stipend, and eligibility for cost-share.

Sign up for these exciting opportunities and stay tuned for updates on our rapidly developing website at miclimatesmart.org/get-involved.

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