WAAM Talk 1600

Michael Singleton, DDS

Looking for somewhere your little ones can make a splash this summer? Come explore Waterplay, a brand-new feature of the Leslie Science & Nature Center’s Nature Playscape.

In Waterplay, children of all ages are welcome to use water pumps to control the flow of water running downhill into a rain garden and willow tunnel! As the water travels down its path, it creates an open stream with dams, and a hand-crafted bridge to cross above it!

Your little one is guaranteed to have a good time hopping, skipping, splashing and exploring as the Nature Playscape encourages kids to explore their confidence in nature!

This free, accessible playscape was designed for kids and their caregivers to help youth and families experience the physical, mental, and emotional benefits self-led nature play can offer.

The Nature Playscape is located at the far northwest corner of the Leslie Science & Nature Center, just past the raptor loop at 1831 Traver Rd, Ann Arbor, MI. It’s open 365 days/year, from sunrise to sunset. Waterplay is open seasonally from April through October, weather permitting.


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