Programming Schedule


    1am – 5am   The Jim Bohannon Show with Rich Valdes  Rich Valdes   *Begins at 2:00 a.m. on Mondays
    5am – 6am   America in the Morning   John Trout
    6am – 9am   The Steve Gruber Show   Steve Gruber
  9am – 12pm   The Glenn Beck Program   Glenn Beck
  12pm – 3pm   The Dennis Prager Show   Dennis Prager
    3pm – 6pm   On The Edge with Thayrone   Thayrone X
    6pm – 8pm   The Dana Show   Dana Loesch
  8pm – 11pm   The Joe Pags Show   Joe Pags
  11pm – 1am   The Alex Jones Show   Alex Jones


    1am – 5am   The Jim Bohannon Show with Rich Valdes   Rich Valdes
    5am – 7am   On The Edge Encore   Thayrone X
    7am – 8am   Operation Freedom Encore   Dr. Dave Janda
    8am – 9am   Retire Ready. Retire Right.   Jon Imber
  9am – 10am   Abolitionist Round Table   Phil Stargell
10am – 11am   Everyday Wealth   Soledad O'Brien and Jean Chatzky (Edelman Financial Engines) 
  11am – 1pm   Trigger Talk Radio   Dick Cupka
    1pm – 2pm   A Moment of Clarity   Pastor Richard Deitering
    2pm – 3pm   Your American Heritage   Ed Bonderenka
    3pm – 4pm   Speaking of Art   Edwin Hoffman
    4pm – 6pm   ♫ The Bone Conduction Music Show   Thayrone X
    6pm – 8pm   ♫ Eddie's Caravan  Fast Eddie
  8pm – 10pm   ♫ Greasy Skillet   Radio Jon D
10pm – 12am   ♫ London Calling   Dan Martin


  12am – 2am   ♫ Chef Chris' Boogie Woogie BBQ   Chef Chris
    2am – 4am   ♫ Go-Kat-Go!   Del Villarreal
    4am – 5am   Best Of The Jim Bohannon Show with Rich Valdes   Rich Valdes
    5am – 6am   Duke Over America   Thomas LaDuke
    6am – 7am   The Snark Factor   Fingers Malloy   
    7am – 8am   The Pat Boone Show   Pat Boone
    8am – 9am   On The Edge Encore   Thayrone X 
  9am – 10am   In The Word   Pastor Jeff Noble
10am – 11am   Worship Services   Bethlehem United
11am – 12pm   Retire Ready. Retire Right.   Jon Imber
  12pm – 1pm   The Intersection / Stone Cold Sports Truth   Rockin' Rev. Sean Todd / Derek Stone
    1pm – 2pm   The Chris Berry Show   Chris Berry
    2pm – 5pm   Operation Freedom   Dr. Dave Janda
    5pm – 6pm   Veterans Radio   Dale & Jim
    6pm – 7pm   This Week in Lansing with "Trucker Randy"   Randy Bishop
  7pm – 11pm   ♫ The Bone Conduction Music Show Encore   Thayrone X
  11pm – 2am   On The Edge Encore   Thayrone X

♫ = Music programming

WAAM Features

Along with the conservative powerhouse lineup, WAAM also airs special features throughout the day.