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Thayrone x


Listener Call-In: 734 822-1600

Website: thayrone.com

eMail: x@waamradio.com

Finally, talk radio for the common man hosted by the common man, Thayrone X. A staple of entertainment in Southeast Michigan for over 25 years, Thayrone mixes it up with the right, he mixes it up with the left – sacred cows run for your lives, this ain’t your grandpa’s talk radio!

Thayrone, the conservative firebrand has long been known to greater Ann Arbor as host of the nationally syndicated eclectic radio program The Bone Conduction Music Show, heard Sunday nights on WAAM Talk 1600, and as leader of the longtime local blues band, The Witch Doctors. But his profile has gotten even higher – and his voice even louder – as host of the daily afternoon drive talk radio show, On The Edge with Thayrone, weekdays 3-6pm on WAAM Talk 1600.

Thayrone sums up his views unapologetically, “I’m very conservative and always have been.” As friend and foe know full well, Thayrone is passionate in his beliefs. “When I start, I’ve got no brakes,” he said. He calls his detractors “background noise… it comes with the territory,” and he takes criticism in stride. “I’m deeply compassionate. I just keep it to myself.”

Thayrone is a man on a mission – several missions actually. One is to “drive a stake through the heart of sanitized, homogenized radio.” Another mission is to tackle controversial topics. On The Edge with Thayrone is a serious wake up call for his listeners concerning issues facing the country, not the least of which is “danger from within as well as without and the constant assault on our American culture always nipping at our heels. Many Americans are asleep at the wheel… like boiling frogs who don’t realize they’re being boiled to death one degree at a time until it’s too late. They just want to know what time the game is on and who got voted off ‘American Idol'”.

Don’t miss a minute of On The Edge with Thayrone… It’s talk radio you can’t turn off!