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Your American Heritage


Ed Bonderenka

Ed Bonderenka is the host of Your American Heritage. The show’s mission is to examine current events in the light of our past, our Founding and Biblical Principles.

He and his wife, Scherie, previously owned and published The Courant Newspaper. Ed also was the co-host of The Drift, co-host of a Moment of Clarity and also assists with The Abolitionist Round Table.

A frequent caller to many talk radio shows over the years, most notably appearing on the Bill Bennett Show, Ed was the national award winner for the “Your Ad, Your Voice Campaign”, sponsored in part by The Bill Bennett Show, having written a number of radio commercials in support of conservative values. His winning effort was “I’m Your Neighbor”. Ed is a legend in his own mind.

His blog is “Not of This World” and he also admins the Facebook group, The League of Deplorable Gentlemen (and Ladies).

Ed has attended many colleges and graduated none. He is a former sergeant in the US Air Force. His day job is to design, program and debug automation equipment, robots and machinery, for the automotive industry.

He is also a committed Conservative Follower of Jesus Christ teaching the Bible. In his spare time he sleeps. Pray for him!