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Laura Ingraham

Weekdays 12- 3pm

Always articulate and entertaining, The Laura Ingraham Show has been addicting legions of listeners since her launch into national syndication in 2001. Smart, funny, and ahead of the curve in politics and the culture, Laura’s busting down the door of the “boys only” radio club. Now on 340 radio stations, Laura takes listeners on a wild ride through the colliding worlds of politics, the news media, and Hollywood.

Her legal, political, writing, and television background distinguishes Laura in the field of increasingly homogeneous talk radio shows. She served as speechwriter for the Reagan Administration as well as the Departments of Transportation and Education.

She also clerked for the Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas and as a white collar criminal defense attorney. Whether she’s on the watch for evidence of media bias, political hypocrisy or Hollywood inanity, Laura infuses her program with a level of energy and commitment to conservative principles that grabs hold and won’t let go.

In addition to hosting her own syndicated radio program, Laura is an author, frequent columnist, television commentator, and now host of her own Fox News television show, Ingraham Angle.

Smart political talk isn’t just for the boys anymore. Just say no to stupid radio and get hooked on Laura. It’s not just a talk show – it’s an addiction.

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