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Janice Daniels

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Janice Daniels is the host of the The Janice Daniels Show. She has previous radio co-hosting under her gun belt and brings a fresh new perspective to the conservative talk corner.  She is the former mayor of Troy, MI (who Keith Olbermann once called the second worst person in the world, second only to Adolph Hitler; to which Janice said, “Keith who?…little ol’ me? I wouldn’t hurt a flea”). She was the Michigan State Leader of a 2009 online activist group called “Patriots for America”, through which she helped coordinate Michigan contingencies to attend the September 12, 2009, Million Person Tea Party March on Washington, DC. Janice was instrumental in establishing three separate and unique Tea Parties: The Troy Area Party, The Central Macomb Patriots, and Joshua’s Trailblazers.  Janice has had her commentaries published in The Oakland Press, Western Journalism, Patriot Update, iPatriot and MCU.Today. She is a natural born Christian, conservative constitutionalist who loves limited government, the proper application of the law, and the power of the pen.


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