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David J. Arenz

Sundays 7- 8am


HERO’S Talk Radio is presented by the Freedom Financial Radio Network. Through the Triple Crown Solution, Dave coaches clients to achieve financial independence by presenting options that provide safety, liquidity, and a great rate of return for tax-free account accumulation and distribution. As founder of HERO’S Strategies, Inc. and a successful financial strategist, investor, and business owner for over 30 years, Dave has trained hundreds of Strategic Wealth Coaches throughout the country to provide the Triple Crown Solution in their individual markets. Dave’s “tell it like it is” style provides the perfect recipe to unveil the secrets of the wealthy by teaching new school answers to old school questions on how to achieve financial independence. Dave educates clients on how to redirect their current assets into the RAFT strategy (Retirement Approach Free of Tax), PPP programs (Personal Pension Plan), and AAA approaches (Asset Accumulation Access) to provide security and safety in their future lives. Listen from 7-8am Sunday mornings or online.


Website: www.webuildyourwealth.com