Greasy Skillet

Hines Park Lincoln


Radio Jon D

Saturdays 8- 10pm

If the Blues had a baby and named it Rock-N-Roll, Country was the father!

Greasy Skillet originates from the desire to present roots type music that has faded into the past alongside music that has largely been overlooked since. Featured artists range from the early movers and shakers of Country, Western and Bluegrass to today's innovators of Alt-Country, New Grass and Americana. Along the way elements from Blues, Zydeco, Folk, Rockabilly, and even early Rock and Roll, are thrown in to add spice.

Each week host RadioJonD serves up a mess of music thrown into a skillet that always sizzles! Make plans now to tune in and see what's cooking in the Greasy Skillet. You'll be glad you did!