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Del Villarreal

Sundays 12- 2am

Howdy, friends! Well, what can I tell you about Del Villarreal's Go Kat, GO! show? We hand pick only the finest classic & contemporary Hillbilly Boogie, Western Swing, primitive 1950's styled roots Rock 'N' Roll & white hot ROCK-A-BILLY music for you to enjoy each and every week. Definitely NOT the place for folkish alt-country or cheesy nostalgia acts. This menu only has 100% All American, Southern-Fried, Grade 'A' Kustom CAT MUSIC on it!!! So bring a bib and DIG IN! Broadcasting every week from the famed Motorbilly Studios, hidden deep within the basement penthouse of the Motorbilly Building (on the outskirts of Metro Detroit!), the show's emphasis will always be on the VERY best songs from the modern retro-roots rockin' scene, mostly traditional rockabilly, but we love to include all the sub-billy genres, too (surfabilly, spookabilly, bluesabilly, hot rod, etc.), even wild, jiving R&B on occasion. There are so many talented and amazing rockin' acts around the world that I feel it's extremely important to get the word out on the hot new releases and band's local/national appearances.

Just to give you an idea of the kind of music that I enjoy spinning, here's a short list: early Elvis Presley, Carl Perkins, Eddie Cochran, Buddy Holly, Gene Vincent and His Blue Caps, Johnny Burnette & The Rock N' Roll Trio and Jerry Lee Lewis, to name just a few. Some of my favorites from today's revival include: Deke Dickerson, Big Sandy & The Fly-Rite Boys, Marti Brom, High Noon, The Barnshakers, Omar Romero & The String Poppers, Nick Curran, The Rhythm Shakers, The King Cats and Imelda May. You'll hear obscure, desperate 1950's rockers right alongside the freshest, traditional-styled current hep cat platters. I'm always scouring the greasy globe to track down the very latest records to share with you listeners on Go Kat, GO! You're guaranteed to get your week's worth of vitamin 'R' ( R = ROCK-A-BILLY!) in each and every episode. We're no snobs down here either: scratchy 12" long players, cracked 7 inchers, smudged CD's and even hi-tech, digitalized MP3s can make it into the playlist as long as they are ROCKIN'! And, if you're cool & brave enough, I'd be happy to dedicate a HILLBILLY WEREWOLF HOWL for you; just drop me a line via email or a request up on my FaceBook page.

So, who am I, you ask? DJ Del Villarreal (a.k.a. the "Aztec Werewolf") is a rockabilly/roots rock DJ from the Metro Detroit-Ann Arbor, MI area. I've been a professional broadcaster since 1994. I'm very fortunate in that I'm asked to appear as a DJ and MC at the annual VIVA LAS VEGAS ROCKABILLY WEEKENDER and the ROCKABILLY RAVE in the UK every year. You can also find me at many hot rod & kustom kulture events around the world, such as DETROIT'S AUTORAMA EXTREME, SINS OF STEEL, the HOT ROD HAYRIDE, the SHIFTERS C.C. VIVA LAS VEGAS and the INDY ROAD ROCKETS' RUMBLE car shows. I write music reviews for CAR KULTURE DeLUXE and OL' SKOOL RODS. I sincerely hope that you'll enjoy my Go Kat, GO! show, discover some new favorite rockin' acts and hear your older vintage favorites. PLEASE, drop me a line anytime to say 'Howdy!' or to make a musical request... THANK YOU for listening!!!