Wayne-12th CDRC 5th Annual Constitution Celebration Dinner Fundraiser

Wayne-12th CDRC 5th Annual Constitution Celebration Dinner Fundraiser
Thur Sept.16, 2021
Doors Open at 5:30PM
Dinner at 7:00PM
Arnaldo’s Banquet Center –18275 Quarry Rd –Riverview, MI 48193

Celebrate the 1st (specifically Freedom of Religion aspect) Amendment

ABOUT THE DATE/COST: Have High-Schoolers or Home-Schoolers? In order to promote education about the Constitution to our Youth they may otherwise not be receiving, we offer “School-Tables” too (contact Wayne12thChairman@gmail.com for more info)!

ABOUT THE KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Richard Deitering is Pastor at Ypsilanti Free Community Bible Church*Studied Theology at Moody Seminary
Studied Paramedics at Madonna College. Studied Broadcast Media at Specs Howard School of Media Arts Host of WAAM Radio 1600AM “Moment Of Clarity” (MOC) Show (Sat’s 2-3p)

Event Emcee: Garrett Soldano (gubernatorial candidate)
Garret Soldano is a chiropractor, small business owner, author, public speaker, family man, proud Catholic and former WMU football player.

ABOUT THE VENUE: We have selected Arnaldo’s on Quarry Road (North of Sibley) in Riverview again. Why? Aside from it being a very beautiful, open, venue, with plenty of parking, Arnaldo’s is gracious to provide the larger Hall, normally reserved for larger number of Attendees Events, rather than the smaller room on a weeknight so we can use a more “spread-out” Tables format to promote “fellowship” by giving you “elbow” and “walking-around” room to “mingle” and meet Friends (fellow Republicans) you just didn’t know you had yet!

As discussed in the Wayne-12 Newsletter 2021-1 Edition, part of our MISSION as a District Committee is to, in part, raise Funds in order to Financially support our Candidates (including far too often over-looked Rule-Of-Law Judicial Candidate support/advocacy) during Election years. We need YOUR HELP to do that!If you can’t attend our annual main Fundraiser (our foremost source of working Capital) please consider making DIRECT DONATION(S), very graciously accepted/appreciated (made-out-to/mail-to: “Wayne-12CDRC,”22364 S. Fairway, Woodhaven MI 48183), for any amount, Check’s only***(no Corporate Checks allowed), to further our CANDIDATE SUPPORT, COMMUNITY OUTREACH EFFORTS, and more!*** Federal Elections Commission (FEC)requires us to collect your Name, Address, Phone, Employer Name, Employer Address (or “retired”)


The event is finished.


Sep 16 2021


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