Urgent Action Update! Yes Call the Governor–Close the Abortion Centers!

Michigan Abortion Centers are OPEN!

Don’t Neglect this Action Item

Call Governor Whitmer NOW!

Her Office Should be Flooded with Calls!

Gretchen Whitmer

517.373.3400 When the phone is answered Press Option 2.

Here is Better Email: governorsoffice@michigan.gov

Yes, will be probably be routed to Voice Mail. But leave your message and then follow up with an email!

As America faces the Coronavirus outbreak, with business, schools and even churches shutting down, America’s abortion facilities continue to operate—
sometimes in defiance of state directives.

By continuing to perform elective abortions, the abortion industry is causing further spread of the virus, as well as consuming medical supplies urgently needed to fight this outbreak.

Don’t neglect our pro-life witness– Go to the clinics, talk to the mom’s (be prudent of course) but I talked to many moms and gave out a ton of pro-life pamphlets– If the clinics are open for killing–we need to be there–and the Pregnancy Help Centers need to stay open! They are the ones offering an essential service!!!

To help stop the spread of Coronavirus in Michigan and keep our community safe, call Governor Gretchen Whitmer and demand that she instruct Michigan abortionfacilities to shut down!!

SAY: “While businesses have been closed, abortion centers remain open in our state, continuing to perform elective surgeries putting ALL our lives at risk of COVID-19. I call on the governor to ACT NOW and close the abortion businesses before
the deadly virus spreads further!”

ASK: “Is the Governor going to protect us and issue the order to close the abortion businesses just as other businesses, schools, and churches have closed? To keep abortion businesses open is to put our lives at risk.”

Click to access 2020TellOurGovernors.pdf

According to the Ohio State Medical Association, the order to stop non-essential surgery means:

Only scheduled surgeries and procedures that meet one or more of the following criteria as it relates to the patient’s medical condition will be allowed:

There is a threat to the patient’s life if the surgery or procedure is not performed;

There is a threat of permanent dysfunction of an extremity or organ;

There is a risk of metastasis or progression of staging;

Risk of rapidly worsening to
severe symptoms (time sensitivity).

Abortions do not fit any of those categories. They are elective procedures done to kill unborn babies.

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