Trump March in Chelsea

Hello Patriots! We will holding a Trump March in Chelsea, from 11:00 am
until 1:00 pm on Thursday, October 17th. We will be parking and meeting
near the Clocktower at 10:45 am (parking is available all along Main
Street (M-52) as well as on many sides streets) and we will stand on the
sidewalks across from the Clocktower, and along Main Street. We will be
holding signs which support our president. If you have signs or
banners, please bring them with you, and please wear any hats or
clothing which verify your support for President Trump. We will not be
blocking any streets or sidewalks. Please come out and support our
President and show the community and all who drive by that we do not
support impeachment of our duly elected President! Let’s show our
support for President Trump and our Freedom!!

The event is finished.


Oct 17 2019


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