Trump Event in Birmingham – hosted by Michigan Trump Republicans

Trump Event in Birmingham
Big Rock Chophouse to Host MI Trump Republicans on August 29th – register to find out time of event.

Michigan Trump Republicans will host its first “Happy Hour” at the Big Rock Chophouse on August 29th.

“This event is specifically designed to allow working ‘deplorables’ to join in the fun of our events,”,” said Rosanne Ponkowski, president of the Michigan Conservative Coalition. “We are thrilled to return to Birmingham’s Big Rock Chophouse. Stop on your way home from work on the Thursday before Labor Day weekend. Join us on the patio at the Reserve Club at Big Rock to socialize, then move inside for a fun and very informative presentation.”

MTR events across Michigan have shown how citizens can help to secure the re-election of President Donald J. Trump. Many hundreds have attended our events and are now deplorables for Trump. This Birmingham event will allow working deplorables to join in the fun! The focus will be on steps to take now to help secure President Trump’s re-election.

The program will include Meshawn Maddock (Milford, MI) who is on the national advisory board of the Women for Trump Coalition and Marian Sheridan (West Bloomfield, MI) who serves as Grassroots Vice Chair for the Michigan Republican Party.

“Michigander’s see what Trump’s leadership has meant right here. The job market is booming and our military is properly funded,” said Ponkowski. “Specifically, the unemployment rate for woman, blacks, Hispanics and more are at all-time lows. And, despite Democrat resistance, the southern border wall is being built.”

“We decided to celebrate Trump’s amazing first two plus years of accomplishments with events like this,” said Ponkowski. ““Trump will win Michigan again in 2020. We know that voters across Michigan are eager to hear more about President Trump.  They know that the media cannot be trusted to report anything but anti-Trump ‘fake news’. Events like this fill an important information gap.”

Event registration is required to attend.  To register for this event use Eventbrite by searching Michigan Trump Republicans Happy Hour or register here. This event is open to all Trump supporters.  Trump merchandise will be available on site for purchase.  Location and event details are subject to change. Keep up to date using the MCC website or at the MTR Facebook.   

Questions about this event may be addressed to the Event Coordinator at 616-987-1124 or by email at

The event is finished.


Aug 29 2019


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