Trump 2020 Cannonball Run from Michigan Border to Mackinac Bridge – Rolling Trump Rally & Caravans

Thousands of drivers are expected to participate in the Michigan Trump 2020 Cannonball Run starting at the Michigan border and continuing on two routes to the Mackinac Bridge starting statewide at high noon on October 11.

The Trump 2020 Cannonball Run will start at the Ohio border using I-75 and from the Indiana border using US 131. Each route will end at the Mackinac Bridge.

To participate, Trump supporters only need to decorate their vehicle of choice with American flags, Trump flags and similar patriotic displays. Participants should use their car, truck, van, motorcycle or any vehicle legal on the highway selected. At high noon, using the highway entrance closest to you, go north on either I-75 or US 131. The suggested drive is north for one hour, and then reverse course and drive south for one hour.

Complete suggestions for a safe event will be published.”

To join a Trump 2020 Cannonball Run caravan gather at any of these designated rest stops no later than 11:30 a.m. Then, at high noon, proceed north bound on your chosen highway. Here are the rest stops announced today:

I-75 rest stops
Mile Marker #10 Monroe
Mile Marker # 94 Clarkston
Mile Marker #158 Bay City
Mile Marker # 210 West Branch
Mile Marker # 277 Gaylord
Mile Marker #338 Mackinaw City

US 131 Rest Stops
Mile Marker #43 Alamo
Mile Marker # 101 Rockford
Mile Marker # 139 Big Rapids
Mile Marker # 174 Cadillac
Mile Marker # 533 Morley

All participants need to follow safe practices at all times, including the Michigan Safe Start guidelines.
For Trump 2020 Cannonball Run updates check the MCC website at or MCC Facebook at

The event is finished.


Oct 11 2020


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