The Washtenaw County Conservation District grant supports new wildlife habitats at local schools and communities 

WCCD grant supports new wildlife habitats at local schools and communities 


The WCCD has been supporting conservation efforts since the 1950’s, dedicated to preserving our soils and restoring wildlife habitat that provide benefits to residents including greater biodiversity, air and water filtration, carbon sequestration, aesthetic beauty, and many more. The WCCD is pleased to announce the 2021 School & Community Habitat Grant, designed to assist schools and community organizations with accessing plants and establishing wildlife habitat.

Grant applicants must represent or be affiliated with a local school or nonprofit organization. Proposed projects can be any habitat project, including rain gardens, wind breaks, native plant gardens, fruit forests and more. The proposed site location must be a public or semi-public space in Washtenaw County. The applicants must demonstrate a benefit to local communities, natural and human.  We are now accepting applications until the deadline, June 11th, on our website:

Awards will be granted in the form of plant materials, expert design plans, and installation assistance. The grant is supported by the generosity of community member donations. All donations for the grant go directly to plant materials, design services, and installation support for the grant awardees’ habitat projects. Donations are accepted now via the WCCD store website:

The WCCD has partnered with PlantWise, a local business dedicated to creating, restoring, and interpreting native ecosystems and plant communities. PlantWise will be providing expert habitat project design plans. PlantWise will be donating a portion of their time towards this efforts. Grant awardees will be determined through a grant selection committee.

The WCCD is a unit of local government, managed by an elected 5-member board of directors. The mission of the WCCD is to assist residents with the conservation, management, and wise-use of natural resources in Washtenaw County. The WCCD serves Washtenaw residents through resource distributions, education, and technical assistance.

To learn more about the School & Community Habitat Grant and other WCCD programs, please visit the district website at

Contact Doug Reith, Resource Coordinator, with any questions at (734) 302-8713 or


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