The Michigan Freedom Center – Raise Money for your Favorite Charity with Minimal Work – Learn about a new golf outing fundraiser format

Raise Money for your Favorite Charity with Minimal Work

Would you or any community group you’re part of like to learn about a new golf outing fundraiser format that earns good money for any charity group but without all the traditional golf outing work that drains all the volunteers?

The new format is so different from the massive work-load tournaments most charities run, that we call it the Un-Outing.
The Michigan Freedom Center developed and tested the new Un-Outing format last fall – to great success.

Only 10 hours of work from one volunteer resulted in 32 golfers attending, playing 18 holes, getting lunch at the turn and having a brief awards time afterwards for a total of just 5 hours of the golfers’ time. Yet the Freedom Center raised $1,100 with the Un-Outing – the equivalent of $110 earned per hour of volunteer effort.

Because the workload is so small, you could run multiple Un-Outings throughout the golf season to help several charities with less time commitment than any one fund-raiser alone.

Key highlights include:
· No hole-in-one cars to solicit or assign volunteers to witness.
· No tee box signs or banners to sell or create.
· One volunteer can run the entire tournament and even play in it !
· The hosting golf course does most of the on-site work and gets exposure to new players.
· Golfers loved the new format because it wasn’t a full-day time commitment.

If you would like to learn details about this opportunity to help the Michigan Freedom Center and other charities, please contact Tom Lang at 734-953-3500 or

The event is finished.


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