Support MI Freedom Center in good times and bad by joining the Mission Brigade

Dear MI Freedom Center Supporters,

Since we opened our doors in 2011, we have served 719,395 guests. This is an amazing achievement made possible by the commitment of our volunteers, donors, staff and board members to our mission of serving those who serve us.

On March 16, 2020 our Board made the painful decision to shut our doors in order to assist with the containment of the COVID-19 virus. Since that time, we have been planning and preparing for a resumption of operations as soon as possible. We now believe this may occur as early as 17 days from today on May 29th. This is the day after the current Executive Order by the Governor of Michigan requiring a lockdown of our facilities expires.

If we are finally able to safely resume operations on May 29th (appropriately the week we honor Memorial Day), we will have been obliged to close our doors for a total of 74 days or 20% of the year. Our mission is to serve those who serve us. During these 74 days, we have been denied the ability to effectively execute that mission.

You may not know this, but, in addition to being a co-founder of the MI Freedom Center, I was the one who suggested we call it the MI Freedom Center rather than the longer Michigan Armed Forces Hospitality Center. The reason for this suggestion went well beyond the fact that MI Freedom Center fit much better on signs and bumper stickers. The reason that I suggested the name Freedom Center was in appreciation for the sacrifices of those who make our freedom possible. Since March 23rd in Michigan, we have all had an opportunity to experience life without freedom. Many of us have come to the conclusion that this life has not been good. Freedom is precious . It cannot be taken for granted.

This brings me to the salient point of this email. During our last board meeting, I was asked to prepare a plan that addresses when we may need to close one or more of our MI Freedom Centers. Frankly, it was painful just to consider the possibility. This prudent request demonstrates that even noble causes such as the MI Freedom Center cannot be taken for granted. As we near the delivery of my proposal to the Board this Friday, the very real possibility of closing our centers has weighed even more upon me.

You see, closure of our center for 74 days doesn’t close down all of our expenses as an organization. It does, however, effectively shut down our ability raise funds not just now but well into the foreseeable future as many of our donors have been similarly impacted. To be sure, we had some savings to assist with cash flow, but, like many organizations coping with this crisis, neither our savings, nor the limited government assistance we have received, nor our cost-cutting measures have been sufficient to mitigate the very real risk of being forced to close our doors for good. Even non-profit organizations such as ours need to have positive cash flow to remain solvent.

The good news is that we have a path to restore financial stability for the MI Freedom Center in good times and bad without any single donor bearing the burden of this task all alone. It is called the Mission Brigade .

To date, 15 people have signed up to support our Mission Brigade.

Our goal is 1,000.

When we reach our goal of 1,000 members, the MI Freedom Center will attain a significant measure of financial stability to see us through uncertain times. During this COVID-19 outbreak, we have all heard the expression “we are all in this together”. This holds true in our mission of service. The more who give as little as $10 per month, the more we ease the burdens upon all of us who seek to keep this mission alive. Together, we can help to ensure that our contingency plan to close one or more centers never has to be implemented.

If you only knew how painful it were for me to ask for money, you would have an appreciation for how painful it would be for me to be forced to close the doors to the MI Freedom Center’s mission of service. In this light, I would like to make another appeal for you to join our Mission Brigade. In addition, I would like ask each of you to ask at least five of your friends or family members to join.

Remember, there are three basic levels of membership to enable you to align your financial commitments with your financial abilities: Red, White, and Blue.

Red Level
For $10 per month, you can provide supplies for as many as 5 guests every month.

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White Level
For $20 per month, you can provide supplies for as many as 10 guests every month.

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Blue Level
For $50 per month, you can provide supplies for as many as 25 guests every month.

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Remember, please share a link to our Mission Brigade page with at least five of your friends and family via email, social media, Zoom, or even an old-fashioned phone call.
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Once you receive our gift of appreciation for your membership, please wear it proudly and spread the word about our mission to those whom you meet.

Anxious to re-open…safely,

Patrick Colbeck
CEO, MI Freedom Center

The event is finished.


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