School Indoctrination Forum at Willis Baptist Church

Will take place at Willis Baptist Church, 8687 Bunton Road, Willis, MI 48191 on Saturday October 16th at 6pm. 

We are featuring Ilona Rugg, retired teacher and whistle blower who will putting on her excellent presentation.  It will deal with CRT, DEI (aka DIE) the transgender issue, and the excessive sexualization of our pubescent youth, the persecution of christians and conservatives in our schools while elevating the Muslim religion to almost an unconstitutional status and openly promoting, at taxpayers’ expense the progressive agenda..

Nikki Snyder, WCGOP EC member and Member of the State Board will be speaking as will I, David Frey.

Nikki and I will be presenting  a simple action plan needed to Take Back Our Schools and how to avoid being targeted by the JOD’s new plan to intimidate parents and citizens who are actively opposing this revulsive agenda.

This is our public kick off and please spread the word.

If you attend or not, please contact me David Frey, @ if you are interested in setting up a presentation in your community.  We need to take this show on the road to raise everyone’ awareness.

The event is finished.


Oct 16 2021


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