Saline Area Players hold Auditions January 13 & 14

Saline Area Players hold Auditions January 13 & 14

The Saline Area Players will be holding auditions for Scrambled by Pat Cook on January 13 at 2 PM and January 14 at 7 PM at The 5th Corner, 211 Willis Rd., Saline. Callbacks will be on January 17 if needed. This show is an ensemble comedy that calls for 8 F and 6 M. The full information is attached and on our website at
Saline Area Players announce auditions for SCRAMBLED, written by Pat Cook, at 2 PM Sunday, January 13 and 7 PM on Monday, January 14. Registration begins 30 minutes before auditions begin. Auditions will be held at The 5th Corner, 211 Willis Rd. Callback date if needed is January 17 at 7 PM. Performance dates/times are March 21-23 at 7:30 PM at The 5th Corner. Those auditioning will fill out an audition form and conflict calendar – both of these are on the website. Full information at

These will be open auditions, meaning all auditioning will be able to watch others try out. Auditions will consist of cold readings from the script and possible improvisational exercises. Real age is less important than ability to portray a character/age. The director is looking for ability to take on various characters and flexibility in choices.

Rehearsals will be on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, likely at 7:00 pm, but possibly at 6:30 pm based on actor availability. We will also have one Saturday morning rehearsal on March 9. Once the show is cast, a schedule will be made based on actor conflicts.

This play is an ensemble (non-musical) comedy with 14 actors that takes place in a cafe. Each actor will be encouraged to create a unique character. The author, Pat Cook, also wrote Murder for Dummies, which SAP performed to enthusiastic audiences in the spring of 2018.

In the story, Purdy, who runs her Showtime Café famous for such dishes as “Fistful of Dollar Pancakes” and “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Ham,” is getting ready for a food critic purported to be in town. Then she learns that her old boyfriend Austin is back in town. During her flutter of activity, the elderly town gossips, Amelia and Celia, spread the word. Oracle, practically a fixture in the place, meantime gives Cody advice on winning over his sweetheart Jeanie (waitress) which ends up in an engagement, much to Jeanie’s delight and Cody’s surprise. A new couple, the Grants, show up in town creating even more confusion. And the big question is, will Purdy and Austin get together?

Character Descriptions (Ages late teens to adults 60-70)
PURDY WADE: Smart and flustered owner of the café. Early 40s
ORACLE MATHIAS: Worldly-wise and joke-cracking man. 65 years old
JEANIE: Naïve and gullible waitress, in love with Cody. 18 years old
CODY: Jeanie’s rambunctious boyfriend, senior in HS. 18 years old
AMELIA BICKLE: Elderly and nosey town gossip – sister of Celia
CELIA PARKER: Elderly and nosey town gossip – sister of Amelia
MILES: Glib salesman, early 40s. Also has a romantic side
MAG HOCKNER: Seen-it-all café cook, has the pulse of what’s going on.
TJ: Cody’s best buddy, comic side-kick, late teens
TWYLA: Jeanie’s best friend, enthusiastic, late teens
GRANT MORTON: City dweller who is eager to move to a small town
CONNIE MORTON: Grant’s long-suffering wife, not too eager to make a move
LUCY ROHOWER: Small town doctor
STRANGER: Mysterious visitor, early 40s

For more information, visit the Saline Area Players website at If you have questions about the auditions, please email the director at or call 734-355-8898.

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