Salem Area Historical Society PRESENTS Washtenaw County Barns

Salem Area Historical Society PRESENTS Washtenaw County Barns ON WEDNESDAY, October 23rd — 7:30 PM
AT SOUTH SALEM STONE SCHOOL (7991 N. Territorial Road, Salem)

On Wednesday, October 23rd, SAHS will hold a short business meeting and have a presentation by Chuck Bultman titled Washtenaw County Barns. Mr. Bultman is a practicing architect in Ann Arbor including a specialized interest in the preservation and rehabilitation of historic barns and timber framed structures. Southeast Michigan is awash in old barns. Once we leave our city or town, every drive has a few; some roads even have many. But despite what people may want to believe, they are not permanent. This talk will focus on current preservation efforts and considerations for old barns; particularly some of the old barns of Washtenaw County. We will look at the kinds of barns we have and the condition in which we find them. Also, we will talk about what our choices are to keep them and what some of the struggles are with respect to our laws and codes regarding buildings and farms.
Admission: Free for SAHS Members $2 for non-SAHS Members

The event is finished.


Oct 23 2019


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