Salem Area Historical Society PRESENTS DODGE BROTHERS

Salem Area Historical Society PRESENTS DODGE BROTHERS
WEDNESDAY, September 25th — 7:30 PM
(7991 N. Territorial Road, Salem)
On Wednesday, September 25th, SAHS will hold a short business meeting and have a presentation by Russell Doré titled Dodge Brothers. Automotive writer Russell Doré, president of Northville-based Doré Productions will bring to life John and Horace Dodge, who were industrious, outspoken, and fun-loving. Find out the role that Henry Ford played in their lives. Learn how these machinists went from being parts suppliers to creating an automobile company which at one time was second only to the Ford Motor Company. Follow their lives from humble beginnings to a world of mansions and yachts. Find out how the company survived following their untimely deaths within months of each other. Learn why Walter Chrysler acquired the company, and how Dodge products became a key part of Chrysler and FC Automobiles. Understand the Dodge family involvement with Meadowbrook Hall, the Detroit Symphony Orchestra and Oakland University.
Admission: Free for SAHS Members $2 for non-SAHS Members

The event is finished.


Sep 25 2019


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