Salem Area Historical Society – History Flight will be a Live Presentation via the SAHS Facebook Page

WEDNESDAY, October 28th — 7:30 PM Via SAHS Facebook Page – Live

A short SAHS Business Meeting will be followed by a presentation on “American MIA/POW” by Paul Schwimmer.

History Flight Paul’s presentation will be about the great successes of the non-profit organization, History Flight ( ) on the research, field investigation, and recovery efforts in returning home America’s lost heroes, her MIA’s and POW’s from around the world. History Flight is a privately operated, 501(c)3 Non-Profit organization dedicated to researching, recovering and repatriating America’s service members back to United States of America. A pre-presentation recommendation is to view the 30-minute YouTube documentary “Burleigh’s Story” (

Phone (248) 486-0669

The event is finished.


Oct 28 2020


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