Salem Area Historical Society Events for March, April, and May

March 22 @ 7pm               Salem Township Hall 9600 Six Mile

SPEAKER: Tobin Buhk; Michigan’s Most Dangerous Women.  A history of some of the most dangerous women held as prisoners in the Detroit House of Correction, DeHoCo.


April 26 @ 7pm                  South Salem Stone School, 7991 N. Territorial Rd. at Curtis Rd.

SPEAKER: Russell Doré; A one-hour dramatic reading of excepts from his second book, They Put America In The Air; The presentation includes slides of the individuals and aircraft involved with behind the scenes of building the commercial aircraft industry with The Wright Brothers, Bill Boeing & Donald Douglas.


May 20  9am – 2pm          Jarvis Stone School Historic District, 7991 N. Territorial Rd.

EVENT:  SAHS Annual Community Flea Market & Yard Sale.  School and Barn will be open for visitors.  Clean out your attic, your garage, your house!  It’s time to sell your unwanted treasures.  This is a community wide yard sale featuring flea market and resale items.  Large 15’ x 15’ outdoor spaces are $15 for non-members and $10 for members.   Signup at  Don’t want to sell your own items but still want to help?  SAHS will have a space with donated items for sale.  Consider donating your items to SAHS.  Donations of items will be accepted at the South Salem Stone School on Sat. May 13th from 9:00 am to 11:00 am and Wed. May 17th from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm.


May 24 @ 7pm                   South Salem Stone School, 7991 N. Territorial Rd. at Curtis Rd.

SPEAKER:  Joe Oldenburg; The Salem Train Wreck of 1907; It was a warm summer day on July 20, 1907 as 600 workers, family and friends from the Pere Marquette Railroad in Ionia boarded a train for a day long excursion.  The excursion turned into a disaster when the train crashed head-on with another Pere Marquette train near 5 Mile and Napier Roads


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Mar 22 2023 - May 24 2023
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