Salem Area Historical Society 2023 Winter Meetings

January 25 @ 6pm

Salem Township Hall, 9600 Six Mile

Our annual Potluck dinner.  All are welcome to attend, please bring a food item of your choice to pass and bring your own plate, cutlery, and beverage.

SPEAKER:  Dale Leslie; History through Videos.


February 22 @ 7pm

Salem Township Hall, 9600 Six Mile

SPEAKER:     Phil Weittlauf and his ambassador K-9, Tess, of the Michigan War Dog Memorial.  Phil will discuss why he created the War Dog Memorial, the history of dogs in wartime and how Tess came to be ambassador.


March 22 @ 7pm

Salem Township Hall 9600 Six Mile

SPEAKER: Tobin Buhk; Michigan’s Most Dangerous Women.  A history of some of the most dangerous women held as prisoners in the Detroit House of Correction, DeHoCo.



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