October events in Dawn Farm’s free community education series –

October events in Dawn Farm’s free community education series –

Substance addiction affects the entire family and community – and recovery provides hope and healing to individuals, families and communities. The free Dawn Farm Education Series is a valuable source of helpful, hopeful, practical information on addiction and recovery for people throughout Southeast Michigan. We’d like to ask your help to inform your followers about upcoming Education Series programs.

The following programs will be presented in October 2018:

“Addiction and Older Adults” will be presented on Tuesday October 16, 2018; from 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm; by Charles E. Coleman LLMSW, Primary Therapist, Dawn Farm Downtown; and Matthew Cremin, LLMSW; Foreclosure Prevention Coordinator, Housing Bureau for Seniors. Older adults are the fastest growing population in the US. Substance addiction affects this population in a unique way. It’s important to consider the intersection of older adults, their medical care providers, and how value systems can play into addiction. The unique nature of how addiction affects older adults, myths and facts, and available local resources will be discussed.

“The Intersectionality of Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault and Substance Use/Substance Use Disorders” will be presented on Tuesday October 23, 2018; from 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm; by David J.H. Garvin, LMSW; Vice President of Programs and Facilities for Catholic Social Services of Washtenaw County and Founder, Alternatives to Domestic Aggression, Catholic Social Services of Washtenaw County; and Barbara Niess May, MPA, MSW; Executive Director, SafeHouse Center. There is a strong correlation between domestic violence/sexual assault and alcohol/other drug use – and correlation does not equal cause/effect nor does it define personal responsibility. Domestic violence/sexual assault offender and survivor alcohol and other drug use will be central to this discussion. The audience will be provided with a primmer regarding perpetrator tactics, strategies, and core beliefs which hold the perpetrator accountable for abusive/assaultive behaviors while maintaining and promoting survivor safety.

“Personal Medicine: Becoming Active Agents in Our Own Recovery” will be presented on Tuesday October 30, 2018; from 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm; by Jerry Fouchey, BS, MA, SpA, CADC; Dawn Farm Personal Medicine Therapist and Didactic Group Facilitator. Personal Medicine consists of things we do, not things we take, that increase our sense of wellness and help us feel better. Personal Medicine utilizes “skills not pills” to help people in recovery from substance use disorders deal with conditions that challenge recovery and feel better overall. This program will discuss how conditions common to early recovery from substance use disorders, such as sleep disturbance, psychiatric symptoms, and chronic pain, can be effectively managed, at least in part, through these behavioral interventions.

LOCATION: St. Joseph Mercy Hospital Education Center Auditorium (ground floor,) 5305 Elliott Drive, Ypsilanti, Michigan.
WHO’S IT FOR: People interested for any reason, personal or professional – ALL ARE WELCOME!
ADMISSION: Admission is FREE and open to all. No registration is required. A certificate to document attendance can be provided on request. FREE CE credit for addiction professionals is provided.
SPONSOR: The series is organized by Dawn Farm, a non-profit organization that provides a continuum of treatment and recovery support services for people with substance use disorders.
FURTHER INFORMATION: For information, please contact Dawn Farm:
Phone: (734) 485-8725.
E-Mail: info@dawnfarm.org.
Web site: http://www.dawnfarm.org/programs/education-series.

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Oct 16 - 30 2018


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