Michigan Trump Republican’s will host a final weekend push with volunteers

Pancake Breakfast Fuels Final Election Push

November 3 “Leave no Lit Unused” Breakfast before Get out the Vote Walks

Walled Lake, MI (Immediate Release):  Michigan Trump Republican’s will host a final weekend push with volunteers committed to “leave no literature unused”. Following breakfast, volunteers will distribute literature and walk neighborhoods to help get out the vote. This will be a free pancake breakfast prior to the volunteers moving to their locations in Oakland County.

“Our volunteers have worked so hard that a free breakfast seemed like the least we could do,” said MTR co-founder Meshawn Maddock (Milford, MI).

The free breakfast will be at the MTR office located at 500 N. Pontiac Trail, Walled Lake, MI beginning at 10 a.m. The event is free, but advance registration is suggested using this Facebook link https://www.facebook.com/events/177256113181874/

Lena Epstein, candidate for U.S. House from Michigan’s 11th District is expected to speak at the event.

For information about the event call 248-866-2631.

“Lena Epstein will be a strong representative for Michigan’s 11th Congressional District. As Michigan Co-chair, Lena helped to elect President Donald J. Trump,” said Maddock. “Events like this are important to recognize volunteers and to mobilize the final get out the vote effort for Republican candidates up and down the ballot. Everyone feels the building enthusiasm for the general election on November 6. The ‘red wave’ will be built from high energy events like this.”

All Trump Republicans must do their part to continue to Keep American Great.

To learn more, visit Michigan Trump Republicans on Facebook at https://m.facebook.com/MichiganTrumpRepublicans/.

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Michigan Trump Republicans are Trump loving Americans who are sick and tired of the political establishment and the political machine that is solely focused on tearing down our President and his agenda. The establishment focuses on everything BUT hard working taxpayers and voters. MTR is nothing special. Trump and what he stands for are special to us. Trump represents what America needs to return to being an amazing nation with unlimited and equal opportunities for everyone, but not a guaranteed outcome for the politically connected. We are focusing on LOCAL Michigan support because we will be more effective here than we can ever be 600 miles away in D.C.  Trump needs each STATE TO BE STRONG, so we can push his agenda LOCALLY in our state capitol. In other words, we need to “Drain the Swamp” in Lansing, too. We’re in this together and when we join our God given talents together, we always win.  As Co-Chairs of Donald J. Trump’s Michigan campaign, we’re fed up with the way the media and the establishment are organized against him.  Come fight with us. We and the country need you. The Michigan Trump Republican logo is a registered trademark.

The event is finished.


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