Michigan Freedom Center – Easy ways to help us raise funds

Dear Freedom Center Supporter,

Many of you already donate sacrificially of your time and financial resources in support of our mission to serve those who serve us. I do not want to add to these burdens. What I would like to do in this message is share ways in which you can provide financial support for our mission simply by doing what you do normally in your daily life.

3 Ways to Help

Eat out at a restaurant

Many restaurants offer “Dine to Donate” programs which offer up to 10% of the evening’s proceeds to a specific charity. In response to an email that I received from one of our volunteers, I am in process of signing us up for a night at the Texas Roadhouse in Taylor (more information to follow). What I would like to do is find a rotation of restaurants to highlight on the same night of the week each week. Since most restaurants do not offer this fundraising opportunity on Friday, Saturday or Sunday, I will be seeking to make Wednesday nights ” Freedom Nights ” featuring a specific restaurant to which we can promote visits.

I will share a restaurant schedule via email and our Facebook page which restaurants are featured on which night. Each of you are encouraged to share this schedule with your extended network of friends and family. In addition to raising money for our mission, we will also have weekly opportunities for us to connect.

Participation requirements vary by restaurant. Sometimes, all you need to do is mention the MI Freedom Center but you may need to bring a special coupon with you for some restaurants. Either way, be sure to wear your Freedom Center apparel when you attend!

If you would like to help populate our restaurant schedule, please identify restaurants willing to participate in this initiative and send me via email the contact information for the person responsible for such programs at the pertinent restaurant. I will follow up with them as soon as possible to get them into our rotation.

Shop Online

Many of you shop online at Amazon.com. Did you you that Amazon will donate 0.5% of your eligible purchases to MI Freedom Center? It adds up over time especially with the holiday shopping season approaching. That’s $5 for every $1,000 that you spend. All that you need to do is shop at Amazon.com via the following special link rather than simply typing Amazon.com into your browser.

Make a Post on Social Media

Have you ever made a post on Facebook and saw the following “Add a Donate Button” message? They usually show up when you post an event or you have an upcoming birthday.

If so, you are only a couple of mouse clicks away from helping us to raise funds. Simply click on the “Add a Donate Button” graphic above or on your Facebook page when it appears. You will then be taken to a page where you can search for the “Michigan Armed Forces Hospitality Center”. Follow the instructions provided and “Voila”…You are now officially a webmaster that has added a donate button on your Facebook page that will generate funds for the MI Freedom Center!

There you have it! 3 easy ways to help raise funds for the MI Freedom Center simply by doing what many of you already do! Please be sure to share these handy tips with your extended network of family and friends.

Thank you for your support of our mission to serve those who serve us!

Honored to Serve!
Patrick Colbeck
MI Freedom Center, CEO

The event is finished.


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