Michigan Department of State: Be a poll worker in Michigan

Be a poll worker in Michigan

Michigan needs more poll workers than ever before to run early voting sites and polling places in 2024.

Local clerks are now hiring and training for upcoming elections.

Sign up now or learn more at Michigan.gov/Pollworker.

Be a poll worker in Michigan

If you have served as a poll worker in past elections, please contact that jurisdiction’s clerk’s office before signing up.

Help us spread the word

If everyone who signs up recruits one more person, the critical need for more poll workers in Michigan will be met! Share on social media using the following links.

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Share Tweet: “I signed up to be a Michigan poll worker in 2024! 🏆 Join me and sign up at Michigan.gov/PollWorker”

Share Tweet: “Proud to be a poll worker in Michigan! 💪 Sign up for 2024 at Michigan.gov/PollWorker”

Share Tweet: “Michigan needs poll workers for 2024! 🗳️ Join me and sign up to serve at Michigan.gov/PollWorker”

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Democracy MVP is the state of Michigan’s award-winning, non-partisan poll worker recruitment program. Sign up with Democracy MVP today to get trained, get paid, and help your community run smooth and secure elections!

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