Michigan Conservative Union: Save our State (S.O.S.) Conference – Restoring Michigan’s and America’s Lost Integrity

April 16-17

Save our State (S.O.S.) Conference

Restoring Michigan’s, and America’s, Lost Integrity

Constant vigilance is the price of liberty. Simply put, we have not been vigilant in Michigan for a long time. As a result our liberties are under assault like never before while surrounding states experience the freedom and prosperity most Americans should take for granted.

Join the Michigan Conservative Union for an important, critically timed forum addressing issues facing the people of Michigan and the United States of America. Further details to come, but rest assured that the event will be in keeping with the exceptional standards maintained by MCU since 1975.

Election Integrity Workshop – Be the Change
Friday 2 PM – 5 PM

Registration starts at 1 PM

If we don’t fix this issue, there are no other issues.

Half the country no longer has confidence in our elections, but it doesn’t have to stay this way. Meet the leaders who are working to change things for the better in Michigan. During this workshop, we will learn about their projects, develop a short list of reforms we can all get behind, and deconstruct the Left’s bogus voter suppression narrative. We will also continue building out the new statewide network devoted to amplifying the impact of existing election integrity projects, and match participants with volunteer opportunities around the state.

Pat Colbeck – Founder, Let’s Fix Stuff
We Can Right the Ship
Janice Daniels – Board Member, Michigan Conservative Union
Election Integrity Fund
Marian Sheridan – Grassroots Vice-Chair, MIGOP
Detroit Poll Challenger Project
Lessons Learned in 2020
Phill Kline – Director, Amistad Project
Chris Wright – Founder, Potomac Tea Party
Short List of Reforms
What’s at the Top of YOUR List?
Deconstructing the Voter Suppression Narrative
Tami Carlone – Coalitions Vice-Chair, MIGOP
Election Integrity Network

Main Conference
Saturday 8:30 AM – 4 PM

Registration & Continental Breakfast starts at 7:30 AM
Speakers & Segments

Election Integrity
Matt Braynard, Executive Director, Look Ahead America
Tami Carlone, Founder, Michigan Election Integrity Network
Matt DePerno, Owner, DePerno Law Office
Running for Office
Kerry Bentivolio, Former Congressman, Michigan’s 11th District
David Dudenhoefer, Former Congressional Candidate, Michigan’s 13th District
Kevin Green, Former State Representative, Michigan’s 77th District
Tom Norton, Congressional Candidate, Michigan’s 3rd District
Catered Lunch
Education: K-12 Indoctrination = GOP Suicide
Tami Carlone, Board Member, Michigan Parents involved in Education
Melanie Kurdys, President, Michigan Parents involved in Education
Constitution in Crisis
Janice Daniels, Board Member, Michigan Conservative Union
Patrick Colbeck, Founder, Let’s Fix Stuff
Autry J Pruitt, CEO, New Journey

Host Hotel
Hampton Inn
900 N. Canal Rd.
Lansing 48917

Ask for the rooms reserved by Michigan Conservative Union
April 16, 2021 at 2pm – April 17, 2021
Grace Bible Church
1000 S Canal Rd
Lansing, MI 48917

Michigan Conservative Union · info@michiganconservativeunion.org
Will you come?
$500.00 Conference Sponsorship
Name will be on banner on front on building, and name will be on a rotating slideshow of sponsors in the main conference hall. Includes 1 conference ticket.
$150.00 Vendor Table
One 8′ Table with electrical hookups. Includes 1 conference ticket.
$60.00 Saturday Conference Admission
Saturday 8:30 AM – 4 PM, includes Continental Breakfast and Catered Lunch
$40.00 Election Integrity Workshop
Friday 2-5 PM

The event is finished.


Apr 16 - 17 2021


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