MI Freedom Center – Easy ways to support our mission

Easy ways to support our mission

Dear Freedom Center Supporter,

Most of us have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. The MI Freedom Center is no exception. We look forward to resuming our program services on behalf of our guests as soon as possible. In the meantime our prayers are with you and your family as we all weather this storm.

Many of our supporters have experienced financial hardship as a result of the pandemic. Once again, the MI Freedom Center is no exception. To make matters worse, because of the financial impact to our supporters, we anticipate that once operations resume, donations will likely be at a reduced level due to the widespread financial hardships. Unless we find a way to make up for these reductions, our services to our guests will be adversely impacted.

Before you jump to the conclusion that this is yet another fundraising appeal, let me be clear. We are not asking for additional funds in light of these hardships, but we do need funds if we are to resume operations. That is why I would like to offer those who support our mission 3 ways to provide financial support simply by doing what you do normally in your daily life.

3 Ways to Help

Shop for Groceries

Even during the pandemic, we all shop for groceries. Did you know that you could fill up your grocery cart and support our mission of serving those who serve us at the same time…all without spending an extra dime?

If you shop Krogers, all that you need to do is connect your Kroger Plus Rewards card to the Michigan Armed Forces Hospitality Center as your charity. Click on the image at the left to get the ball rolling. Then, when you go shopping, scan your Kroger Plus Rewards card at time of checkout. Not only will you receive discounts on groceries via the Kroger Plus Card, a portion of your purchases will go towards supporting our mission.

If you don’t shop at Krogers, please contact your favorite grocery store to see if they have a program in which they contribute a portion of your purchases to charities. If so, please contact me at patrick@mifreedomcenter.org with details so that I can follow-up with the organization and set us up on their list of eligible charities.

Shop Online

During the pandemic, many of you will be doing a lot of online shopping. Did you know that you can shop online and support our mission without spending an extra dime?

Many of you shop online at Amazon.com. Did you you that Amazon will donate 0.5% of your eligible purchases to MI Freedom Center? It adds up over time especially with the holiday shopping season approaching. That’s $5 for every $1,000 that you spend. All that you need to do is shop at Amazon.com via the following special link rather than simply typing Amazon.com into your browser.

To get started, click the image above and connect your account to the Michigan Armed Forces Hospitality Center . After clicking on the button above, I recommend saving the link to smile.amazon.com as a “bookmark” for easy reference. Please note that if you were to go to the generic Amazon.com website to make your purchases, you will not generate any funds for the MI Armed Forces Hospitality Center.

Use a Cell Phone

Chances are that many of you will be using a cell phone to connect with friends and family in light of the pandemic social distancing guidelines. Now, you have an opportunity to get great cell phone service via Charity Mobile for a low price…and 5% of your monthly plan payment goes to support the Michigan Armed Forces Hospitality Center!

My wife and I have been using Charity Mobile for years. Great service (leverages network of one of the big name telecom companies). Great people. Great price. That’s why I was truly excited when they added the Michigan Armed Forces Hospitality Center to their list of eligible charities.

If you would like for 5% of your cell phone plan to go to the Michigan Armed Forces Hospitality Center, please call Charity Mobile at 1-877-474-3662 or visit their website at CharityMobile.com. During the enrollment process, when you are prompted for the name of your charity, simply specify Michigan Armed Forces Hospitality Center. It’s that easy.

If you are looking for a new cell phone company or simply want to save money, sign up with our new partner, Charity Mobile, today!

There you have it! 3 easy ways to help raise funds for the MI Freedom Center simply by doing what many of you already do! Please be sure to share these handy tips with your extended network of family and friends.

Thank you for your support of our mission to serve those who serve us!

Honored to Serve!

Patrick Colbeck
MI Freedom Center, CEO


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