It is Safe to be a Volunteer at MI Freedom Center

A Call for Volunteers
It is Safe to be a Volunteer at MI Freedom Center
Very few things are more important to the Michigan Freedom Center part-time staff than our volunteers. They are the backbone of the organization.
Yet at this time the MI Freedom Center faces a shortage of Volunteers. This is the time of year many of our retirees who volunteer head south to warmer weather and others are staying home more often during Covid-19.
Volunteers are the heart and soul of service to our active military and Veteran guests who stop by the MI Freedom Center on a daily basis for some refreshments, snacks and rest. Volunteers often provide a listening ear to that new recruit heading off to boot camp… or give directions to any guest who may not know their way around Detroit Metro Airport, among many other helpful activities in service to our guests.
For anyone interested in a new opportunity to volunteer, and give back to the military personnel that first served us, we want to assure you we are taking all safety precautions for providing a clean environment, plus social distancing, for both volunteers and guests. Detroit Metro Airport as a whole is also cleaning more, with the addition of an ingenious virus cleaning robot.
WXYZ-TV news in Detroit recently reported on a ‘disinfecting robot’ on duty since mid-December. Channel 7 posted: The autonomous robot named Safi was created by Pratt Miller Mobility and aims to consistently and thoroughly disinfect surfaces with its 16-gallon tank, long run time and tight 3-4 foot turning radius.
The company said the robot is ideal for spraying down large spaces, giving cleaning staff more time to concentrate on other confined areas. It also reportedly sends information back to alert facility managers which surfaces were covered and how much disinfectant was used.
“Our robot is not intended to take the place of human cleaning crews,” said Simon Dean, PMM’s Vice President of Mobility and Core Engineering, in a press release. “It is however intended to work in parallel with their efforts that could be better spent cleaning smaller, niche spaces.”
Please consider learning more about volunteering in 2021 at our website:

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