In addition to the Washtenaw County Conservation District’s fall plant sales, the Lending Library offers various conservation tools and equipment to get your fall planting projects done successfully and efficiently

The Washtenaw County Conservation District’s (WCCD) Tool & Equipment Lending Library is designed to make various tools and implements accessible to local producers, landowners, and residents. The tools and equipment in the rental program are designed for conservation purposes. We offer various hand tools, herbicide application tools, and larger equipment rentals. The hand tool Lending Library includes over eight tools for tree planting, garden planting, invasive species removal, and soil testing.  All tool and equipment details, availability, and reservation instructions are available online at:

The Truax Flex-II 88 No-Till Drill is designed with multiple seed boxes to plant grasses and legumes on a variety of site conditions for agricultural conservation and native restoration projects. The drill plants up to eight rows spaced at 8”, a 5.3 ft. planting width, and requires a tractor with a minimum of 40 horsepower. Contact Paul Buzzard, MAEAP Technician, for questions or reservation requests: (313) 282 0786 or

The Tree Seedling Transplanter is designed to plant bare-root seedlings for large scale plantings. It requires a minimum 40-60 horsepower tractor with a three-point hitch (category 3 recommended). It includes a trailer to transport easily and can plant around 250 seedlings per hour. Contact Matt DeJonge, Conservation Technician, for questions or reservation requests:  (734) 302 8711 or

The WCCD has been distributing trees, plants, equipment and tools for conservation since the 1950’s. Over 7.1 million trees and shrubs have been planted as a result of the WCCD’s distributions, contributing to conservation practices such as reforestation, soil erosion reduction & water quality improvement, habitat restoration, and naturalization projects.

The mission of the WCCD is to assist residents with the conservation, management, and wise-use of natural resources in Washtenaw County. The WCCD is a unit of local government, managed by an elected 5-member board of directors, and funded in part by Washtenaw county residents through a 2020-2026 conservation district millage.

To learn more about the Equipment Rentals & Tool Lending Library and other programs, please visit the WCCD website at:

For questions or more information, contact Doug Reith, Resource Coordinator at or by calling (734) 302-8713. 

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