Goals and Glory is eagerly looking for new scholarship contestants! High school athletes can share their stories related to the intersection of athlete mental health, adversity or trauma, and be automatically entered to win an award and grant

The mission of Goals and Glory is to help deserving youth athletes who have suffered trauma achieve their goals and find their glory, including by awarding them grants. We want to de-stigmatize and normalize mental health struggles and help-seeking amongst youth athletes by sharing stories on our online magazine platform.

We are eagerly looking for new scholarship contestants! High school athletes can share their stories related to the intersection of athlete mental health, adversity or trauma, and be automatically entered to win an award and grant. Just reach out today! Click HERE.

A few weeks ago at the Yoga at the Big House event, we were introduced to a new organization called the Miles Jeffrey Roberts Foundation. We hope to build a collaborative relationship with them in the future and support their mission:

“Our mission is to empower the youth athletic community to promote mental well-being and suicide prevention across Washtenaw County.  We believe partnerships with teens, families, teachers, coaches, healthcare providers, spiritual leaders, and community organizers all contribute to building positive social and emotional well-being in todays youth”

MJRF was born out of the love for our son Miles who died by suicide at the age of 15  in 2017.   Miles was an athlete working to balance the demands of school, family, athletics, friends, social media and more.  His feeling of elation before, during and after participating in sports was contagious.   The positive mental influence sports had on Miles fueled the connections with his coaches and teammates and nourished his mental wellness. We look to help others like Miles thrive and build a safety net of trusted support through their athletic interactions.

In late 2022, we began The MJRF Champion program @ Skyline High School.  This 3 year pilot program is intended to be a transformative approach for engaging youth athletes through mental well-being awareness and training by trusted adults. This program ignites the integration of mental health training along side the routine practice of physical training.  Our goal is to demonstrate the value of the program through evidence-based outcomes and by Year 4 to make sustainable at Skyline by getting it incorporated into the school curriculum.  Our 10 year plan is to grow this program across all high schools in Washtenaw County.

To support MJR Foundation or learn more, CLICK HERE.
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Goals & Glory is a Non-Profit 501(c)3 Foundation

Awarding scholarships to youth athletes facing trauma for sharing their story with our community.

Read stories from our previous winners by clicking HERE.
Why do we encourage storytelling?

Writing can be both therapeutic and empowering, particularly after adversity. It helps us reconcile inner conflicts and also allows others to support us and share our pain when we are ready to open up. It also takes courage and, in turn, can inspire and connect others. For this reason, we want to recognize young writers. Often our applicants use their story for college essays or featured in other publications.

Need an example of trauma narrative writing? Click HERE (trigger warning).
We sat down with Timothy Mann, who is doing great, healing, mind-body work through breathing and Wim Hof method cold tub techniques. With scientifically proven impacts on health, including increasing dopamine, the method has been proven to help with stress, depression, body pain, and PTSD. Read his story below!
Tim Mann of Train the Brain LLC is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Peak-Performance Coach born and raised in Chelsea, Michigan.  He was hit by a drunk driver in a severe auto accident in 2017 where he suffered eleven fractured bones, was thrown into a coma and diagnosed with PTSD and a mood disorder.  During the rehabilitation process, he came across the Wim Hof Method.  The Wim Hof Method is a combination of a growth mindset, breathwork and cold water immersion.  Through consistent focus and dedication, this practice led him to making a full recovery from the auto accident, both physically and mentally.  Ultimately, it inspired him to start his own business and share what he has learned with the world.

Tim is on a mission to help others who may be struggling with similar issues or simply want to improve their mental and physical health.  Tim travels across the State of Michigan and country at large offering workshops to the general public, gyms, yoga studios, sports teams, businesses and more.  He has worked with Division 1, BIG 12 University of Houston Football Program and has coached many other collegiate level athletes in breathwork, mind-set and cold-water immersion.  Tim is on the cutting edge of scientific research, as he recently co-authored a research paper with Wayne State University’s Neurology and Behavioral Psych departments in regards to the Wim Hof Method and brain activity.  The paper is currently in the review process and will be published soon!

If you would like to learn more about a workshop, offer these services to your team or business, or simply have general questions, you can check out the website, social media pages or contact Tim directly (contact info below).  There are two workshops coming up soon in the State of Michigan.  September 10th in Ann Arbor and September 23rd in Holland.  Workshops are a great way to understand just how powerful a trained mind-set, breathwork and cold-water immersion truly are.  As Tim loves to say, “feeling is understanding.”

Website: trainthebrainllc.com
Instagram: trainthebrainllc
Facebook: Train the Brain, LLC
Email: trainthebrainllc@gmail.com

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