Friends In Deed’s Over The Edge Rappelling Event Fundraiser in Ypsilanti – Rappel down Hill Tower at Eastern Michigan University on Sept 23, 2023

Over The Edge

Over The Edge is a fundraiser developed by a company in Canada with expertise in rappelling. To date, they have put on hundreds of these events across the nation. The model gives people a way to contribute to their community by fundraising for a cause, all while having the opportunity to do something unique and thrilling: rappelling down the side of a skyscraper.
What’s in it for Friends In Deed?

Aside from providing another BIG source of funding for our organization and the low-income families we serve, Over The Edge allows us to do something new, novel and exciting. We also hope the event will help people throughout Washtenaw County learn more about us.
When is the Over The Edge event?

Friends In Deed’s Over The Edge event will take place on Saturday, September 23, 2023.
Do you want to rappel?

As an rappeller, you can reserve a spot to rappel down Hill Tower at Eastern Michigan University. In exchange for this unique opportunity, you commit to serving as a fundraiser for Friends In Deed. While there are several levels from which to choose, the basic level that reserves you a rappelling spot requires that you raise a minimum of $1,000.
What if there isn’t enough time before the event?

You can secure your spot to rappel and continue fundraising for up to one month after the event takes place if you sign a Credit Card Guarantee form. It gives Friends In Deed permission to charge the remaining balance of your goal (if there is one) to your credit card exactly one month after the event.
What if I were to refer another rappeller?

Referring another rappeller would get you $100 off of your campaign! All they would have to do is say that you referred them in an email to to let us know.
What does it mean to Push Your Pastor?

Push the Pastor allows you to partner with Friends In Deed to raise funds for both Friends In Deed and your congregation. All you have to do is nominate a willing pastor to rappel. When the congregation raises the $2,000 minimum for the pastor to go “over the edge,” the pastor can either rappel or match the funds and nominate someone else to go instead. All funds raised by the congregation are split 50/50 between the two organizations.
What does it mean to Toss Your Boss?

Toss Your Boss is the perfect opportunity to help raise funds for Friends In Deed without pledging to go over the edge yourself. You and a group of people nominate a willing “Boss” to rappel. If you, the employees, raise the designated amount of money ($1,500), the “Boss” can either rappel or match the funds and nominate someone else to go over the edge instead.
Want to sponsor Over The Edge?

Sponsorship Levels

Major Sponsor Benefits $10,000
Landing Zone Sponsor Benefits $7,500
Facebook Live Sponsor Benefits $5,000
Ropes Sponsor Benefits $2,500

Public Relations: A Major Sponsor’s name and logo will be prominent in all print materials. The sponsor’s logo will also be featured on event t-shirts, the Friends In Deed website (with a link), and social media, as well as in our newsletter.

Media Coverage: A Major Sponsor will be highlighted in all media spots and on Event Day (9/23). A Major Sponsor will have additional marketing opportunities throughout the event.

Signage: A Major Sponsor will have prominent signage during both days of the event.

Email: A Major Sponsor will be acknowledged in a special email dedicated to their organization in the weeks leading up to the event. The email will be distributed to over 3,000 individuals, businesses, and congregations on our email list. The sponsor will also be acknowledged in all OTE-related emails, including an email/slideshow sent to rappellers and event donors following the event.

Facebook Live: A Major Sponsor will get four (4) spots during the Facebook Live broadcast on the day of the event. Spots will be at least 30 seconds long.

Rappel Spots: A Major Sponsor will get two (2) rappeller spots on Media Day (7/30).

Swag Bags: A Major Sponsor can provide items to swag bags distributed to rappellers.
What discounts and sponsorship benefits do you get when creating a team?

Create a Company Team and push up to six (6) of your employees/clients to get sponsorship benefits!

Sound interesting?

While it is normal to be a little wary about pushing your employees or clients over the edge of a 12-story building, it is for a good cause! Plus, the chance for an urban rappel is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

How does it work?
By creating a company team, you can provide a fun and unique team-building activity, create awareness for your organization with special team sponsorship benefits, and support low-income families in your community through Friends In Deed. While each of the six team members gets their own fundraising page to send to their friends and family, they work together to reach the team’s $5,000 fundraising goal — the amount necessary to reserve six (6) rappelling spots. Note: This is a $1,000 discount over 6 people registering as individuals. Your organization’s only obligation would be to cover the gap (if any) remaining toward the $5,000 goal if it is not reached through the team’s efforts by October 23rd (30 days after the event).

In return, you will get a host of sponsorship benefits, including:

Your organization will be acknowledged during our VIP Party with a logo during a Thank You slideshow.
Your organization’s logo will also be included on the back of event t-shirts, on our website, in our newsletter, in all OTE-related emails, and on signage on the front barricades of the landing-zone area on the day of the event.
Your organization’s logo will be included during Media Day and Event Day Facebook Live broadcasts. Note: You are also welcome to send us a 30-second video about your organization that we can run on Facebook LIVE on or around the time of your team’s rappel.

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The event is finished.


Aug 11 2023 - Sep 23 2023
Glenn Beck
Weekdays 9am-12pm
Dennis Prager
Weekdays 12-3pm
Thayrone X
Weekdays 3-6pm
Dana Loesch
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