February events in Dawn Farm’s free community education series

February events in Dawn Farm’s free community education series –

The Dawn Farm Education Series provides our community with free, accurate, helpful, hopeful information about recovery from substance use disorders. All Ed Series programs are open to the community; all are welcome to attend. We’d like to ask your help to inform your followers about upcoming Education Series programs.

The following programs will be presented in February 2019:

“Dispelling Myths about Smoking, Mental Health/Substance Use Disorders and Recovery” will be presented on Tuesday February 19, 2019; from 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm; by Rosemary Bak Lowery, MS, CHES®, CNP, ACSM-CPT; Certified Health Education Specialist. Tobacco use has trended downward but remains highly prevalent among people with mental health and/or substance use disorders (MH/SUD). People with mental health and/or substance use disorder can quit tobacco use, and recovery is supported and enhanced when they do quit. This program will shed light on myths and facts about tobacco use among people with mental health and substance use disorders and the culture around tobacco use in this demographic. Time will be given during this presentation for questions and open discussion about challenges faced in quitting smoking. Resources will be given for further information and for help quitting, or helping others to quit this deadly habit.

“Co-Occurring Eating Disorders and Addiction: Implications for Recovery” will be presented on Tuesday February 26, 2019; from 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm; by Tiffany Schultz, LLMSW; Dawn Farm Outpatient Therapist. Co-occurring Eating Disorders and Substance Use Disorders often converge in complex ways. We know that addiction to substances is a primary, chronic, and fatal disease if left untreated; research also tells us that when these two disorders co-occur, treating them simultaneously is the best course of action, and that long-term recovery from both disorders is possible. This presentation will explore the ways in which these two very serious conditions intersect and how those intersections impact the course of treatment and recovery.

LOCATION: St. Joseph Mercy Hospital Education Center Auditorium (ground floor,) 5305 Elliott Drive, Ypsilanti, Michigan.

WHO’S IT FOR: People interested for any reason, personal or professional – ALL ARE WELCOME!

ADMISSION: Admission is FREE and open to all. No registration is required. A certificate to document attendance can be provided on request. FREE CE credit for addiction professionals is provided.

SPONSOR: The series is organized by Dawn Farm, a non-profit organization that provides a continuum of treatment and recovery support services for people with substance use disorders.

FURTHER INFORMATION: For information, please contact Dawn Farm:
Phone: (734) 485-8725.
E-Mail: info@dawnfarm.org.
Web site: http://www.dawnfarm.org/programs/education-series.

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