Citizens for a Pro-Life Society ended the Year by purchasing a house for a mom who CHOSE LIFE! Please Donate to help defray cost

Any Donation you can make to defray the $30,000 dollar cost would be greatly appreciated!

Here’ the story–Last April 2020 your CPLS director, Monica Miller talked Kadisha out of an abortion while I was sidewalk counseling at the Summit Women’s Clinic in Detroit. Literally 5 feet from the clinic door of death I spoke to her and her boyfriend and she decided to not aborted her baby! Their baby boy was born Oct. 25, 2020. So baby Kayden just turned one year old this year. Kadisha was living in Section 8 housing with baby Kayden and her three young daughters — with a landlord who neglected the property. IT WAS ONE HEAD ACHE AFTER ANOTHER!

Some of you might have met Kadisha, as she spoke at the Sept. 2020 National Day of Remembrance at the grave of aborted babies buried at Holy Sepulchre Cemetery in Southfield, MI.

Can you help CPLS defray the cost of this home? No donation is too small– and we are grateful for every contribution. All donations are tax deductible. You can donate here:

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Or just send a check to:

Citizens for a Pro-Life Society
67919 Eight Mile Rd.
South Lyon, MI 48178

The event is finished.


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