Box Car Derby presented by Phi Delta Theta and Ann Arbor Active Against ALS

The green and checkered flags are waving again at the Big House during the Box Car Derby on April 10th  presented by Phi Delta Theta and Ann Arbor Active Against ALS.  Children ages 5 and up race boxcars down Keech Avenue at the north entrance of the Michigan Stadium! Trophies for top finishers and best decorated. Racers, fans, families and college students enjoy pizza, hot chocolate, coffee and goodies during the event.  ALS is an uphill battle for patients, families and researchers searching for a cure. We race boxcars downhill at the Big House to grease the wheels for ALS research. The  three boxcar divisions are for:

– ages 5-9,

– ages 10-15, and

– for ages 16 and up with bigger, faster boxcars.

Register now at: for the Annual Box Car Derby at the Big House!

The event is finished.


Apr 10 2022


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