American Business Women’s Association Presentation: Secret to Success: Finding Your Joy in the Unexpected

Secret to Success: Finding Your Joy in the Unexpected
Keynote: Robin Shear, Certified Professional Coach and owner of Joy to the World Coaching
Tuesday, September 17
Quarter Bistro
300 South Maple Rd, Ann Arbor, MI
Networking: 6:00 – 6:30PM
Dinner: 7:00PM
Program: 7:30PM

Have you ever looked at a photo on social medial and caught yourself thinking, “Of course she’s smiling, she has a perfect life?”
It’s natural to associate joy with the absence of problems. It’s expected that we will feel happy when all is right with the world… when our loved ones are doing well, we have found success or our skinny jeans fit just right: YAY! But what about when your life isn’t perfect… when winter seems to last forever and the freedom of outdoor exercise seems so far away, road construction brings I-94 to a screeching halt for another day, or the checkout lines go the back of the store 2 weeks before the holidays and you still don’t know what to buy Uncle Ed? Where is happiness then? Is it possible to find joy in the unexpected, when the circumstances pretty much stink? In this presentation, learn the difference between happiness and joy and allow your new-found knowledge to change the way you do life.
Event cost is $20 (cost includes dinner)
Please pay in advance by Thursday, September 12th to guarantee your reservation. Seating capacity is limited.

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Sep 17 2019


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